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Introducing Osko®.

Introducing Osko® and PayID

Designed to work seamlessly, both Osko and PayID will make paying for the everyday and managing your finances easier than ever before. Find out more.

Osko  |  PayID

It’s simple, easy and secure. It’s Osko® and it’s here!

You can now send an Osko payment via internet banking or moneytree in less than a minute to any Financial Institution participating in this industry-wide initiative.

Enjoy the benefits of Osko®, like:

Real-time payments – it’s faster!

Splitting bills just got easier. You’ll be able to transfer and receive money within minutes, not days.

Forgot your account number? No problem - it’s easier!

You can a mobile number or email address to make and receive payments. You’ll just need to register your mobile number or email address as a PayID.

Backed by BPAY® - it’s safe!

It’s an industry wide initiative, which has been backed by BPAY, so you can rest assured that it’s secure.

Introducing PayID

Let’s face it, not all of us can remember our account and BSB number, but we know our mobile phone number and email address off by heart. That’s where a PayID comes in handy. Instead of using your bank details, you can now register for your PayID by linking your mobile number or email address to your account.

Business members can create a PayID using their ABN number, just by getting in touch with us.

Creating a PayID is easy!

If you’re logged onto internet banking, simply:
  1. Select ‘My preferences’ in the top navigation and click on ‘manage PayID’;
  2. Pick your preferred contact you’d like to use as your PayID;
  3. Choose the account you’d like your PayID to link to;
  4. Verify your details; and
  5. Create your PayID.
If you’re using moneytree, ensure you’re on the latest version, then simply:
  1. Log in, select ‘Payments’, then PayID;
  2. Click on the ‘+’ symbol to add your PayID;
  3. Pick your preferred contact you’d like to use as your PayID;
  4. Choose the account you’d like your PayID to link to;
  5. Verify your details; and
  6. Create your PayID.

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