BSB 802-396

Join us as we continue to evolve; we are committed to the ongoing improvement of our Credit Union and are excited for what the future holds.

You’ve spoken and we’ve listened; our current internet banking and mobile banking app are outdated and have restricted the functionality we’ve been able to offer you.

To improve your banking experience, we’re launching a new core banking platform. This will have profound improvements to the way you currently bank with us, plus provide greater efficiencies and cost savings to the Credit Union.

More features

New features and functionality in internet and mobile banking, plus added features on our mobile app.

Greater compatibility

Compatibility with Xero, which will make it easier for our business members to manage daily finances.

Manage your banking

Pin change and card activation ability via internet banking.

Improved experience

Improvements to loan applications, allowing you to apply for a loan anywhere, anytime.

Open accounts

Opening transaction and savings accounts via internet banking.

Greater security

Our digital banking services will maintain optimal security.

We’ve put together some of our popular FAQs below:

The new core banking platform is planned to go live in the second half of 2017. Stay tuned for further details and updates, as we will be communicating with you regularly about the change over the next few months.
Our brand new moneytree mobile banking app will get you banking anywhere, anytime. The app will still offer all the great features you currently use, plus we’re adding some extras, such as being able to make redraws from your account. We’re working hard to make sure you love our banking app, so let us know what you’d like to see:
Our new internet banking portal will offer not only an improved (and more intuitive) design and experience, but also heaps of new features that will make banking with us easier. Our aim is to empower you to manage your finances anywhere, anytime!

The improved digital banking services will make banking easier, more convenient and seamless. Here’s a sneak peek at just a couple of the features you can expect:
• Open up new transaction and savings accounts online;
• International payments;
• Renewing your term deposit; and
• Activate new cards online.

We will continue to communicate with you throughout this change. We’ll let you know about all the great features and functionality that our new digital banking channels will offer, so stay tuned.

Absolutely! There will be no change to your current card and PIN.
No. Our BSB will continue to be 802-396.
As a member-owned financial institution, we continually review the best use of member’s funds, towards the provision of suitable member services. We have been driven by the changing needs of you, our members, as you are increasingly choosing to bank online, using our digital banking services. This change is necessary, so that we can offer you a seamless banking experience and greater flexibility with managing your finances.
We are working hard to ensure that the transition to our core banking platform won’t inconvenience you. We will make the change as seamless as possible for you. During the change, we will contact you regularly and keep you updated on the progress. We’re here to support you throughout the change.
Your daily ATM limit will not change, so if your current daily limit is $1,000, it will remain the same. However, if you need to change or increase your daily limit, you can contact us anytime.
Yes it may…but only for the better. Our improved digital banking services will have improved features, functionality and offer greater convenience. Your banking with the Credit Union will improve.
Our staff are the heart of our Credit Union, and we will continue to offer you the same personal service we always have. This means people. We understand some of our members still enjoy interacting with our staff daily. While the improvements to our digital banking services will provide greater flexibility for you to manage your finances, it will also ensure a smooth, seamless experience through all our service channels.  

Update your contact information, so we can keep you informed:

Internet Banking

If you are registered for internet banking, log on, click on 'Personal’ and update your ‘Personal details’ and your profile via the ‘Access details’ tab.

Secure Message

Send us a secure message via internet banking, one of our Member Service Consultants will update your details.

Call Us

Call us on 1300 864 266, one of our Member Service Consultants will update your details.

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