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We’re launching a new internet banking for our business members.

We recently advised our members that we’re undergoing a business transformation to improve the way you bank with us.

As part of the transformation, we’re updating our digital banking services including our internet banking platform for our business members, which is scheduled to go live on Saturday 19 August 2017. The new and improved internet banking platform will include a range of additional features and functionality to help you better manage your money.

Greater compatibility

Compatibility with Xero, which will make it easier for our business members to manage daily finances.

Open accounts

Ability to open term deposits via internet banking.

Greater security

Our digital banking services will maintain optimal security.

Card management

Activate cards or view VISA holds.

Get notified

Receive email notifications when a payment requires authorisation.

Increased user capabilities

Ability to add a non-member to your internet banking account as a data entry user.

Check out our FAQs for the new business internet banking.

The new business internet banking will go live on Saturday 19 August 2017. 
Your Business Banking Administrator is the main login for your internet banking business account.

In the past, you would have had two logins: a verifying officer for administration tasks, and a sub-user login for transactions. Moving forward, your Business Banking Administrator login will allow you to do both.

The new business internet banking will be available from Saturday 19 August 2017. At that stage, you can log in and create your sub-users.

Our team will be available to assist you through the process. Below is a list of step-by-step instructions on how to add a sub-user to your internet banking account.

The user access levels in the new business Internet banking will be updated.

You’ll now have three categories for sub users: full access, view access and no access. Each will have varying abilities to complete administration tasks or process transactions.

To learn more about the revised access levels, click here.

A data entry login is someone you can add to your internet banking account, who requires access to only view your account details, but isn’t a member of the Credit Union.

For example, your accountant might request to gain access to view your account, so your business banking administrator can set them up.

The new business Internet banking includes a range of additional features and functionality to help you manage your business finances. These include:

Your business banking administration login, which will allow you to complete all of your administration tasks and also transaction;

  • Ability to add data entry sub-users, which means they don’t need to be a member of the Credit Union;
  • Integration with Xero;
  • Ability to open Term Deposits;
  • Activate your cards;
  • View Visa holds; and
  • Receive email notifications when a payment requires authorisation.

1. Login and select ‘Account options’ in the top navigation then ‘Business viewpoint’.

You can access the new internet banking from Saturday 19 August. All of your account signatories will be listed under ‘Logins and ATO’s’.
To provide any of the signatories with access to your account, simply press ‘Add’, next to their respective names.

2. Select the access level for each account and set their authorisation limit.

You’ll need to complete the online form, which included adding their name and creating an access code, which will act as their password. You can also set their access level for each account and an authorisation limit. Once you’ve updated all of the details press save to revert back to the previous page.

3. Check your details and distribute login details to users.

Once you’ve created your sub-users, review the information to ensure it’s accurate.
You’ll then be required to distribute all login details to your users to allow them to access the accounts as required.

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