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Welcome to Catalyst Money’s exclusive Privilege Plus Club for members aged 55 years and over.

Offering a range of financial benefits, the Privilege Plus Club is more than a financial club, it’s a lifestyle club.

With benefits including an Everyday Plus account, higher term deposit rates, financial planning services, a range of discounts, free seminars and social events, now’s the time to join the Privilege Plus Club and enjoy the benefits.

Higher Term Deposit Rates
Privilege Plus Club members receive a higher rate of interest on the majority of Catalyst Money’s already competitive Term Deposits. Give us a call on 1300 864 266 and ask about the special bonus interest rates exclusive to Privilege Plus Club members.

Everyday Plus
Our Everyday Plus is the perfect account for the mature saver, who wants to keep things simple. It works the same way as a Everyday account, but earns more interest on your savings, as you benefit from great interest rates on your funds. You also have the choice of a Visa Debit card, which uses your savings (not a separate credit facility), or a rediATM card. Find out more about our Everyday Plus.

Club Events
For more information on the Privilege Plus Club, contact us on 1300 864 266, or email